b'Farm of the Mill Payment of MoneyAnd for 13s 4d from the farm of one mill there payingAnd for money paid to Alan Humbreston and John yearly at the Martinmas and Pentecost terms. AndMarchall on the 18th day of January (9) and on the for 26s 8d from the farm of another mill there paying14th day of April (4 6s 8d) by bill paid in the above yearly at the same terms. account. And paid to the same Master J. Marchall at Total 40s the account 66s 8d.Sale of Underwood And in money paid to Master William Duffield, the And for 53s 4d from the sale of Underwood there byLords general receiver by hand of Master John John Bradley this year.Carleton raised for the installation of the Lord as Total 53s 4d Archbishop of York 10 Profits of the court Payed to the same Master William Duffield for victuals And for 52s 5d from the profits of the two courts heldpurchased and provided for the same John for the this year. same installation of the Lord as Archbishop of York 4 0s 0d Paid to the same Master William Duffield for Total 52s 5d purchases made according to receipt for the progress Paid next year of the Lord to Beverley through the said John Bradley 47s 4d.And paid for the Lords household for 17 For the goods and chattels of John Scate fugitivequarters of wheat at 3s 8d (62s 4d) and grinding namely; one cow, one calf, one pig, 3 piglets, onethe same at 4d (5s 8d) and carrying 8 quarts of flour black horse, barley, threshed hay and 2 acres of grainthence from York to Thorp (16d) 69s 4d.not paid because he has not been apprised nor paidAnd paid to the same household 26 sheep at 20d 43s the price of 2 sheep of the abbot from the strays not4d. paid because they remain etc.Total of all receipts with arrears 69 12s 1d And paid to the said Master John Marchall from the Allowances lease of the said mill 20s.The same account in discharge of the reeves rentAnd paid to the same Master John Marchall by the yearly 4s. And in money paid for Easter candleshand of John Brumpt of Beverley in the name of John called ploghpenys at the feast of Easter 15d. And forBradley from part of his aforesaid farm 10 . a certain fine paid to the Lord King into the hands ofAnd paid to Lord Alan Humberston by receipt of the bailiff of the wapentake of Harthill for service at theMaster John Marchall by hand of John Mortimer. 47s court 6s 8d 2d.Total 11s 11d. And paid to the same Alan Humberston by receipt of ExpensesMaster John Marchall by hand of John Bradley. 34s 2dAnd for the expenses of William Duffield being thereTotal 53 14s 9dby bill 14d. Total of all allowances and payments 5511s3d. Total 14d. And he owes 1319s10d which is owed in next years account.Cost of the common ovenAnd for the cost charged for the repair of the commonThe above accounts for the Archbishop of York were oven14, that is for 3 stones bought 4s, 400 tiles 3stranslated from the old hand-written script in Latin, 8d,for carting a load of stone and tiles from York toby Ann Alexander, Fred Casperton, Moira Haberjam, Wilton 16d and for working on the same oven 3s 4d,Mary Hall, May Pickles and led by Elizabeth Exwood, for carrying 2 old millstones from Beverley to Wiltonrelating to Beverley, Hull and the manors of Bishop for the mill there 2s.And for bonding the walls of theBurton, Bishop Wilton, Skidby, Weaverthorpe and house of the same oven with 40 thraves of straw 3sWetwang. Source Ref: MS1501. 4d; the wages of the thatcher for 5 days 20d and hisThanks is given to the Yorkshire Archaeological labourer for the same period 15d. Society in Leeds for kind permission to reproduce the Total 23s 5d translation here.14The common oven could be the one found on the Old Show FieldBULLETIN 9 143'