b'Rev. Fawcetts Tennis CourtPhoto & Information Supplied by Joan & Rowland GoyI n Bulletin 14 there was an article about Rev. George Herbert Stock who died in 1927 just before the memorable veteran cricketers match for which he would have been the captain. Rev. Richard Fawcett replaced him and Joan Goy (formerly Cook) remembers being told that she was the first in the parish to be christened by him.It was Joan who supplied this photo. It was taken at the Vicarage at a time when the Rev. Fawcett had a tennis court in his garden that could be used by residents. It shows Rowland Goy and Joan with their son, Richard, in front of them on the left. Rev. Fawcett and Joans sister, Dorothy, are on the right. Dorothys husband, Vic Powell, is sitting cross-legged in the front with daughter, Sonia, to his left. Vic was a prominent player in the village football team.Dorothy Powell was Rev. Fawcetts housekeeper for a time. Rev. Fawcett is remembered as a good tennis player. When he served, it came like a rocket, Rowland remembers.Football Team - Junior Cup Winners - 1952/3The Bishop Wilton football team won the Junior Cup in the 1952/3 football season. The team played at Old Malton against Easingwold and then replayed at York. It was a great victory and a number of photographs survive. This one was taken at the celebrations following the win.246 BULLETIN 14'