b'Why is Bishop Wilton Special?Final Words by Mike & Kate PrattP roducing a Bulletin like this it is natural to assessBishop Wilton (as a village, as a township and as what there is unique about our area that can bea parish) is special because it demonstrates such a highlighted. But it doesnt take long to realise thatbroad range of classic historical features that cover a historical uniqueness is rare. Villages throughoutwide range of historical(and prehistorical) time.the land can share a common history derived fromIt is relatively unexplored in any professional way a mix of factors (e.g. geological, agrarian, cultural,by either historians or archaeologists. It is not even social, religious and political) that mean their creation,written up in the Victoria County Histories.development and even decline over the years hasThere are documents from Domesday Book been similar. onwards which tantalisingly outline its history.It is this very similarity that is a gift for the localThere are unresolved mysteries relating to historian because it means that a lot can be learned the Archbishops Palace, the Manor House and by studying the documented archaeological andassociated factors.historical records of other areas. But it is natural to want to identify uniqueness.Perhaps the question is incorrectly phrased. A better question would be: Why is Bishop Wilton historically special? It is easier to answer:422 BULLETIN 20'