b'Comforts for the TroopsBarry TrotterR ecently, whilst searchingMoor Hillthrough some old photographs taken during my time as anDec 7th 1916evacuee at Bishop Wilton, I found aMy Dear Brotherletter dated 1916 written by SarahJust a few lines to you hoping they will find you on the Wilkinson, wife of former Garrowbyimprove, as it leaves us fairly well at present but very busy. Estate gamekeeper BennyNow dear I am sending you a box off, sorry that I have not Wilkinson, to her brother Charliebeen able to let you have one before but they say better late Cullum, the former village shoe maker, then serving in the armythan never. I have put in a small sweet cake, half a pork pie, during the First World War. Sarah,Ben had a pie given this morning so I thought you would like Ben and Charlie later lived in thea piece, and I have just put a small pot off potted meat I have cottages at Wold Kennels, the sitebeen making some today sorry I could not get a larger pot in, of the present Cordwainer homethree or for apples, and a pair of gloves and the York Herald of Lorna Sleightholme. At the timefor you to see. I think I have no fresh news for you this time, the letter was written Sarah wasBen is busy making wires you will know what for. It is very living at Keepers Cottage, Moorcold and frosty weather hear. We had just a slight covering Hill, on Lord Hothams Estate near South Dalton. of snow this week off course nothing to speak of. I have been The text of the letter from Sarahbusy today making a little mince meat. I will send you a few Wilkinson to her brother Charlielittle pies and a small plum pudding all been well. I have Cullum reads: not heard any more from Hilda. Ben says that you have to ask It is not known where Charliethe Officer to let you come home to make him a pair off boots was stationed when this letter washe is bare foot. I sent him for some cigs today and came back sent to him, although it looks likelywithout any it is just like him. I will send some next time all that he was in Britain or northernfor the present in a hurry fromFrance as some of the food sent toYour loving Sister and Brotherhim would have been perishable.I had further reference to myS & B Wilkinsonwar years at Bishop Wilton earlyMoor Hillin April, 2005, when whilst havingEttona snack in the garden centre atBeverleyShiptonthorpe I was approachedLet us know if you receive the box safely by a lady who proved to be Freda xxxxxxxxxClint [now Davidson] who had been an evacuee from York, staying in the village with her grandparentsFreda in the foreground with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clint. Freda hadme behind, waiting for a Hull stayed in the cottage next doorDaily Mail photograph to be to me during the war. To the besttaken at the Evacuee Day in of my knowledge we had not met2001.since being evacuees but it later transpired that we had both been at the Evacuee Day in Bishop Wilton in 2001 as this photograph proves. Freda did well to recognise me!BULLETIN 12 203'