b'Postcard DetailC ontinuing the street lamp theme - this fragment from an old postcard shows one of the oil lamps that was mounted on a wooden post outside No. 14. If you look closely at the bottom right-hand corner youll spot two villagers!Backgarden Find - A MedalT im & Elaine Burrows found this Specialreturned to work and men from the reserved occu-Constabulary Long Service Medal in their gardenpations were recruited as special constables. Special at Highfield House, Main Street, in 2004: constables played an important role in protecting the The award of the medal was instituted by George V inpublic during the bombing of Britain during World War 1919 for those members of the Special ConstabularyII. (or police reserve) who had completed 9 years part- Cast in bronze, the medals exist with the heads of time voluntary unpaid service. Those who servedGeorge V, George VI (see photo) and Elizabeth IIduring the First and Second World Wars only neededIdentifying the medals owner proved straightforward 3 years to qualify due to the almost full-time nature ofas it is engraved on the rim. In this case with George their duties. This is why the reverse bears the inscrip- English who we take to be the father of a previous tion FAITHFUL rather than LONG service. With manyoccupant of Highfield House, David English.police officers on active service in the armed forces theBackground information:war reserve police service was set up. Retired officerswww.britishmilitarymedals.co.ukOn one side is the head of King George VI andon the other the inscription: FOR FAITHFUL SERVICE IN THE SPECIAL CONSTABULARY202 BULLETIN 12'