b'One of the postcards of Bishop Wilton that Dorothy sent to her mother with a note on the back: The house with the cross on is the house where I live. The other with the cross and the line on is the Methodist Chapeleven recalled the lyrics: used language that he hadnt heard before and it Theres a cowboy riding through the sky made a lasting impression on him!Also, there were He doesnt ride a bronco trips to Pocklington aerodrome to watch the planes Theres a spitfire where his bronco used to be take off and land.Once he wore a pair of mean guns Franks sister, Muriel (4 years younger than Dorothy Now hes aces with machine gunsand 4 years older than Frank), recalls that Dorothy got Theres a cowboy riding through the sky severe sunstroke whilst hoeing all day and Rowena She performed the song using Malcolms cap gun! Burgess sent for Dorothys mother as she was so ill. Dorothy would ask Malcolm to get her specialDorothy was ill for 10 days. toothpaste mixture from Pocklington: powderedThe Land Army girls were demobbed, like the cuttlefish bone and camphorated chalk. forces, on 4th May 1946.Dorothys mother thought that she wouldnt be Franks Memories able to cope with country life but Dorothy insisted on Frank, Dorothys brother, remembers coming overjoining the Land Army and it changed her life. She to Bishop Wilton in his summer holidays from schoolloved the country after that.when he was about 10 or 11. It was a full days busDorothy stayed in Bishop Wilton for the best part journey from Huddersfield, first to Leeds, then Leedsof two years before being transferred to Naburn. It to York and finally York to Bishop Wilton on a Baileyswas here that she met her future husband Neville bus. He jokes that it was like going abroad in thoseJackson, married and settled down, first at Bengy days! Lane, Wheldrake, and finally at North House Farm, Frank particularly remembers walking up toCrockey Hill. Beaulahs farm from the village. He also remembers playing with some girls who were evacuees. They BULLETIN 8 123'