b'According to the Howdenshire Chronicle and Pocklington Weekly News the term Bishop Wilton Flower Show was used up until 1908. In 1909 it was called the Bishop Wilton Local Foal and Horticultural Show and in 1910 the Bishop Wilton Foal, Flower and Fruit Show. The additionThe advertisement (Above) is unfortunately of a Foal Show had started in 1907. This badge,undated but it is interesting because it mentions a presumably given to Mr W. L. Fisher as a memberbranch shop at Kirby Underdale.of the Committee, would have thereforebeen in use prior to 1909.The Traders Season Ticket for the Motor Exhibition at Olympia in 1923 (above) is significant because Mr Fisher owned the first car in the village as attested to by a number of informants over the years we have been researching local history. We were even told that the second car was acquired by the Schoolmaster, Mr A. R. Rhodes. It didnt stop there as it was Mr Rhodes daughter who came third.Annie Gray told us she remembered Mr Fishers car as he used to go off to the farmers market in it to get his bills paid!BULLETIN 20 401'