b"Bishop Wilton Parish CouncilBased on material assembled by Geoff ScottA fter the Annual General Meeting of the ParishCouncil took place on December 17th, 1894. From Council on May 20th 1999, Geoff & Ruth Scottthen on Annual Parish Meetings were held each April.entertained Council members at their house andOn April 17th 1899, the elected parish council presented each of them with a scroll containingmembers were W. Wilstrop (Chairman) and Messrs. highlights of council matters since its inception. ThoseWilson, Robinson, Garforth, Newby, Sygroves, Hesp, highlights are reproduced here. Fryer and Elsworth.The first meeting of the Bishop Wilton Parish 1900/1 Two new street lamps purchased one for each end of the village. Lamp lighter appointed, ladder purchased and oil paid for.1924 Clerk to the council appointed, annual fee 1.00.1932 First indication of a piped water and electricity supply, consideration postponed1935 Street lighting to be considered when electricity installed. Numbering of houses and naming of streets agreed.1936 Electricity and water scheme complete.1942 Garrowby and Hickleton estates recognise rights of parishioners to 'Worsendale Chalk Pit'.1943 Chalk sold to contractor for construction of airfield.1945 First lady councillors elected, Mrs Flint and Mrs Lawson.1946 Eleven electric street lights installed.1947 Full sewage scheme proposed.1948 Vale Crescent council house tenants proposed.1952 Bus shelter requested by W.I. - not to be proceeded with due to lack of interest.1962 Street lights requested for Vale Crescent. After a long history of manual beck cleaning, the beck was sprayed.1963 Sale of chalk to contractor 20,673 tons.1969 Registration of Village Green as common land.1970 Cutting of Village Green by Parish Council commenced.1971 All meetings in the reconstituted Village Hall.1974 Bus shelter erected. Main area of village to be a conservation area.1989 Local Village Plan agreedThe most frequent minute: Cleaning & Maintenance of the Beck.At the time of the AGM in 1999 the elected Parish Council members were: G.B. Scott (Chairman), Mrs B. Lee, Mrs K. Pratt, Mrs F. Quarmby, Mrs A. Rudsdale, Mrs J. Machin, Messrs. R. Sefton, J. Sleightholme and R. Flint. The Parish Clerk was F. Humpage.BULLETIN 7 111"