b'Press CuttingFrom the Malton Messenger for January 1864, supplied by Andrew SeftonBishop Wilton for the children, and which in addition, produced an abundant crop of oranges, more than 100 contrasting C hristmas eve did not pass by at this placebeautifully with the dark green foliage; all the villagers without some demonstration of the approachingwho came to admire, were invited to partake of the joyous season. At two oclock, the children of thegolden fruit. After the gifts, &c., had been distributed schools, numbering 120, assembled and formed ato the children, three stones of nuts were thrown for procession, carrying banners bearing appropriatea scramble, which was much enjoyed. Before singing mottos, and headed by the Drum and Fife Band,the National Anthem, the Rev J. A. Eldridge proposed attached to the school, proceeded to church, where athree cheers for Sir Tatton Sykes, to whose kindness special service was held. The sermon was preachedthey were indebted for the evenings entertainment; by the vicar, the Rev J. A. Eldridge, M.A., from thethe hearty and kind response was continued by the first epistle of St John, ii 1, - My little children thesechildren and company present without intermission things write I unto you that you sin not. After servicefor some time. Through the liberality of Sir Tatton the children repaired to the girls school-room,Sykes, the Rev J. A. Eldridge gave to the aged and where they partook of a sumptuous and substantialinvalids a Christmas box of half-a-crown each, which tea. The grand attraction of the evening was a verywas repeated on New Years eve. Nearly sixty married handsome Christmas tree in the boys school-room,women received a gaily trimmed package of a lb of 14 feet high, lighted with lamps and tapers, and fromtea each.which was suspended a number of beautiful gifts Athelstan Rex Back Garden Find Andrew SeftonT his ornate working of ERC in metal could be mistaken for someones initials but it stands for East Riding Constabulary. It was used as a cap and collar badge in the early 1900s. This one was found in a Bishop Wilton garden very close to the house King Athelstan of Northumbria (c895939) aswhere the village constable lived, so we can assume depicted in the west window of Bishop Wiltonit was his. Lets hope that he didnt have to pay for a Church.replacement out of his own money!BULLETIN 5 61'