b'BankruptcyKate Pratt1 889 was obviously a difficult year in BishopOn November 2ndit was the turn of Edwin Wilton, as the Howdenshire Chronicle records twoDennis, tailor and draper. He originally entered into shopkeepers as going bankrupt in that year. business at Grimston-with-Garton, Holderness in On March 30th Solomon Craddock, late grocer1867, and moved to Bishop Wilton after 9 years and general shopkeeper, is adjudged bankrupt atwhere he started up with no capital, borrowing 12. York County Court; he attributed his insolvency to badHis debts rose rapidly to 325, which he attributed trade. to bad trade, sickness and interest on the borrowed money.1939-1945Dave WalkerT here are three names on the Memorial Board onHMS Traveller (N48) was laid down by Scotts at the left, just through the church door, of men killedGreenock on 17th January 1940, launched on 27th in the Second World War: August 1941 and commissioned 10th April 1942. Ivor Craggs from Bishop Wilton Traveller spent most of her career serving in the Norman Vincent Atkin from Bugthorpe Mediterranean. She was unsuccessful in most her Howard Pinkney from Bishop Wilton attacks, sinking the Italian Merchant Albachiara but launching failed attacks against the Italian Merchant Ivor Craggs served in the Royal Artillery as aEzilda Croce, the Italian small light cruiser Cattaro, Gunner, Service No 851708. He was in the 28ththe tanker Proserpina and the torpedo boats Field Regiment, and was killed on the 5th May 1941Castore and Ciclone. She also claimed to have in Eritrea. He is buried in the Asmara War Cemetery,attacked two unidentified submarines. Traveller left grave/memorial ref. 4.A.10. Malta on 28th November 1942 for a patrol in the Norman Atkin was a Private in the Kings OwnGulf of Taranto; she carried out reconnaissance of Yorkshire Light Infantry 1st Battalion, Service NoTaranto Harbour for a Chariot human torpedo attack 14229097. He was killed in Italy on the 20th January(Operation Portcullis). The sub did not return from 1944, and was the son of Alice Atkin of Bugthorpe.the Operation and was reported overdue on 12th He is buried in the Minturno War Cemetery, grave/ December 1942. She probably struck an Italian mine memorial ref. I K 6. on or about 4th December, and Howards name is Howard Pinkney RN, Service No P/KX138052,on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Grave Panel 68, was the son of Annie Pinkney, and at the age of 20Column 3.was serving as a stoker 1st Class on the T Class submarine H M Traveller. People: John JordanFrom the late Eileen Hoppers newspaper cuttings.M r John Jordan, of Bishop Wilton, who died thistheir farms at Eddlethorpe and those in the Bishop week at the age of 82, was esteemed by a largeWilton district. He was always proud of the fact that circle of friends. A native of Kilham, Mr Jordan hadhe had lodged the Italian workers who placed the lived in the Bishop Wilton district for about 50 years. beautiful Mosaic floor in Bishop Wilton Church when For many years he was employed by the Sykesit was restord by the late Sir Tatton Sykes many years family, of Sledmere, and was manager on several ofago.310 BULLETIN 16'