b'John Baxter and his GranddaughterKate & Mike Pratt: Using material supplied by Annie Gray & from other sourcesJohn Baxter came to our attention in an article entitled Masons Garth in Bulletin 17. He was a tenant of one of three adjoining properties that were offered for sale by auction in 1890. Little did we know that he was the Grandfather of an existing resident of Bishop Wilton, Annie Gray. Subsequently having the opportunity to talk to Annie we have been able to add images and further information to the life of John Baxter and his descendants in Bishop Wilton.1866, George born in 1869, Henry T born in 1872, Arthur born in 1874 and Robert born in 1879.In 1861 the Baxter family lived next to the Cross Keys pub. Sometime between then and 1871 they moved to the row of cottages next to the school, where they stayed, one generation after another, until they moved to Vale Crescent in 1960.In the census returns, John Baxter is shown as an agricultural or farm labourer. Jane is not shown with an occupation until she is widowed, when she became a charwoman.From Annie GrayThomas Hodgson Baxter, Annies father was born in 1866. He married in 1905, gave up working in 1936 and died in 1940. In 1887 when he was 21 Thomas Baxter joined the Foresters.His wife was 20 years younger than him. She was born Edith Pooley, and came from Thetford in Norfolk. She moved to Bank Farm at Skirpenbeck with her Grandad when she was a young girl, later going into service with Bernard Hutchinsons family. Thomas and Edith were married at Skirpenbeck in 1905. They had 3 sons who all died youngThomas Kendrew born 1914, Jack born in 1916 and Harry born in 1918and daughters including Mary, Martha, Lily, Edna (born A nnie Gray knows her Grandfather as Jack Baxterin 1923, died in 1944) and finally Annieborn when rather than John. In a photograph taken by by M.her mother was 42, and her father 62.Tayleure, Photographer, Market Place, Pocklington,Annie Gray (nee Baxter) was born in 1928. She he appears with his wife and two daughters. We havegrew up at No 80 Bishop Wilton, the same cottage built up an account of the Baxter family from Anniethat her family had lived in since before 1871. The Gray herself and from other sources. middle house was always empty, as it had been From Census Returns since 1891, although the bedrooms were used by the Pickerings, Annie and Jack from Bradford, who lived We are able to piece together the following aboutin the end cottage. Neither family paid any rent, as the Baxter family from census returns: John Baxterit was not known who owned the row of cottageswas born in the village of Chatteris, near March inthough they did pay the rates. The Baxters cottage Cambridgeshire sometime between 1823-1827. Atwas the one next to the road. There was a gap at some point the family moved to Leeds. His motherthe back as there was a dairy window (about 18 later married a Mr Kendrew and had at least one childinches square) which was boarded up. There was no by him. John married Hannah Jane, who was born inelectricity or waterthere was an outside tap shared Leeds. between the 2 houses, and they used paraffin lamps - They had a large family: the oldest,William, wasand there was a privy at the end of the garden.born in 1854, (when they lived in Malton). They movedWhen Annie was 13 there was a diphtheria to Bishop Wilton sometime between 1854 and 1858,epidemic in the village; she remembers that the as all the other children were born here: Sarah Annbottom end was very smelly from the sewage, and born in 1858, John born in 1860, Martha born inshe was forbidden by her mother from going down 1862, Mary born in 1864, Thomas Hodgson born inthere. BULLETIN 19 385'