b'3. Edgar who married Evelyn ??? of ???Wilfred was a foreman for Backhouses, Land-and they had: scape Gardeners of York.John I think that there may have been some earlier connection with Seaton Ross. We used to vis-Evelyn it Aunt Susan there when I was very young & my father Wilfrid was born at Eastfield Farm Charles & Wilfred served in the Royal Artil- near Market Weighton. Several headstones in lery during WW I. Afterwards Charles workedthe Seaton Ross graveyard bear the name of for the Garrowby Estate of Lord Irwin (whosome member of the Cook clan.became Lord Halifax when his father died). Family HistoriesMike PrattO ver the period of a year we get a fair few queries from home and abroad regarding family histories. We provide what information we can and we ask if the enquirer can send us photographs or any write-ups that we can include in our Bulletins. One such exchange is summarised here.JohnsonPauline Popely contacted us in mid-2008 about her great-great-grandparents Harriet & Job Johnson. We were able to help with information and photographs pertaining to the Veteran Cricketers challenge that Job participated in and probably instigated. Pauline supplied us with the two photographs displayed here: one of Harriet and Job that we hadnt seen before and one of their eldest daughter, Edith Mary with her son, Sydney Johnson Birdsall (Pauline Popelys grandfather). The fact that Edith is pictured with a bicycle is interesting as the one thing that Nancy Hutchinson remembers being told about Job Johnson is that he said, Mark my words, therell be a time when everyone will have a bicycle!It is Paulines recollection that Amy Johnson, the pioneering aviator, visited her mothers aunt, Annie Johnson, Amy being a cousin of her grandfather. We have been informed of a number of links between the village and Amy Johnson but this is the most specific.BULLETIN 19 395'