b'Wilton Large BlacksKate PrattT his delightful picture of Large Blacks turned up inWilton Chieftain (2317) was born in October 1906, a batch of old photos that Andrew Sefton boughtowned by William Jebson, bred by Jesse Henryat auction; we knew that William Jebson at WestThe William Jebson in question owned West End, End farm had bred Large Blacks up to the 1970s, sobut lived in Pocklington where he practised as a vet; consulted his widow, Lily Jebson. She was able toWilton House, where he lived, is now Wilton Tearooms authenticate the Wilton prefix, and to produce otheropposite the Post Office. He had started breeding similar photos from the family archiveWilton MatildaLarge Blacks in 1903 and the tradition continued for 2nd and 4th from 1908, Wilton Maid 212th and 213th70 years with his son James and grandson William. from 1959 (see photo), and Wilton Maid 221st fromThe Vice-Chairman of the British Pig Association 1962.estimated that the pigs in the photo are approximately In Bulletin 12 we interviewed the Clifford sisters,2 years old, which dates them to 1908 or 1909, which Flo and Greta, who reminisced about their childhooddoes indeed tie in with the tale of the photo of the in Bishop Wilton when their father was the hind atClifford sisters. West End farm. They had a photo of themselves taken in about 1908, and Flo remembered her mother telling her that the photographer had come to the farm to take a picture of the pigs, and she had requested him to take one of her daughters! I contacted the British Pig Association and was given a lot more information from the herd books in their possession. Initially, from the 1915 herd book, they could name Wilton Jane and Wilton Jane 2nd, Wilton Matilda 8th, Wilton Sylvia and a boar called Wilton Crofter; apparently there are still Wilton Matildas today! Eventually they were able to track down an earlier herd book which provided the following details: William Jebson at the Driffield Show with Wilton Wilton Ruby (6244) was born in May 1906, ownedMaids 212th & 213th in 1959 where they came 1st by William Jebson, bred by George W Mitchell & 2nd respectively.334 BULLETIN 17'