b'Fish Pond or Moat?A Speculative Assessment, Mike PrattSt Ediths ChurchOriginal line of churchyard wallSite of the most recent Manor HouseL-shaped fish pond End of Feature A?Feature AFeature BT his detail from an aerial photograph 1 is taken fromfish pond. Also, its proximity to a dovecote which has vertically above the church and the site of thenow disappeared would serve the practical purposes Manor House. A low early morning sun is casting longof providing the birds with a much-needed supply of shadows. It accentuates two features (at A and B) thatwater. The juxtaposition of dovecote and pond is a together appear to mirror the existing L-shape of thecommon one.fish pond. Tracing the line of feature A back towardsHaving explained to someone the possible former the farm building is hampered by a tree. The same twoexistence of a three-sided moat, I obtained the features are visible on an aerial photograph 2 taken inpuzzled reaction of, Three-sided? Thats not much 1951 but the extent of A back towards the buildings isgood! Evidently there are examples of three-sided less apparent although the appearance of the lines ismoats but only where the fourth side is a bank or a crisper. natural barrier (we need look no further than our own My interpretation of the features is that they are thePalace site for an example!). So, if it used to be four-visible signs of the edge of part of a former moat thatsided, where was the fourth side?has been filled in. The continuation of the line of theOne possibility is that the moat went far enough edge of the existing bank where it becomes featureback to include the church in its protection. However, B is perfect. Also at that point there are signs that thethe line of the existing arm if extended back would filling-in process has ceased, leaving a misshapenrun very close to the current church structure. Is that end. likely even if the church has changed in size?Another The filling in of part of the moat does not excludepossibility is that the fourth side of the moat dictated the possibility that the remaining portion was left as athe original boundary of the western end of the 1 Crown Copyright/MOD. Reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majestys StationeryOffice. Obtained from English Heritage, National Monuments Record (NMR), Swindon. Ref: 543/397 F22 FR:0091. Dated 8 October 1958.2English Heritage, National Monuments Record (NMR), Swindon. Ref: RAF/540/572 FR:3084. Dated 30July 1951.152 BULLETIN 10'