b'Bishop WiltonLocal History Bulletin 15 -9 May 2007The school photo displayed above is one of the earliest we have seen - more in Bulletin 16Childrens GamesAs Remembered by Eileen Hopper: Wendy GildingI n July 2005, while visiting Eileen, I asked her whatrope, and they threw a ball against a wall in different games she played as a child; we enjoyed reminiscingsequences or patterns.and comparing notes. In spring they played with hoops called boolers, Eileen remembered playing a game accompaniedbooling them along with a stick.by singing Lucy Locket, standing in a circle, exceptThey also played house in the lilac bushes which for the one who was on, also Ring-a-Roses. then grew down the bank to the beck alongside the She and her friends played marbles andchurch steps. In summer they played in the beck - hopscotch, they skipped with varying rhymes andand got wet!actions particularly when two girls turned a longIf you grew up in the village, please tell us your memories of childhood games and pastimes.BULLETIN 15 263'