b'The schoolmaster was George Sellar, age 41 fromover the farm. The only farm names mentioned are Leavening; he was unmarried with a housekeeperGarraby Top with head Robert Matthews (229 acres), and a servant. He also had a second job as RegistrarGreenwick with head Thomas Asquith (300 acres) of Births and Deaths. There was no police constableand two Callis Wolds - one run by John Clarkson (563 listed in 1851, but one does appear in a later census.acres) and the other by Thomas Nattriss (236 acres) There is also no brickworks mentioned at this time but- and Manna Green with John Waite as head (118 it was mentioned for employment in a later census.acres).Hall Farm and the Manor House was occupied byOnce the information from all the Censuses the Wilkinson family; Ann Wilkinson age 56, is shownbetween 1841 and 1901 has been recorded in as head and a widow with the occupation of farmercomputer format it should be possible to analyse the of 192 acres. Living with her is her son Quarton agedata for trends in social and economic change. This 13 and a scholar, who would later grow up to takemay form the basis for a further article.Net NewsBBC OnlineHumberNews16/10/2001U nder the title White rose blooms in Yorkshirefor at least 20 miles. It was originally conceived as with a photograph of Geoff Scott, Bob Dixon- a millenium project and a temporary white rose was Carter, Irene Megginson & David Allison, an internettraced out on the hills in limestone at the start of last article described the hopes of members of theyear. However, now it is hoped to create a permanent Yorkshire Wolds Heritage Trust to carve a 250 footYorkshire icon on the hills capable of lasting a diameter white rose into the hillside above the villagethousand years .of Bishop Wilton. The white rose would be visible Bishop Wiltons Oldest Parish RegisterKate PrattT he oldest Parish Register for Bishop Wilton, stored at the Borthwick in York, and available for view on Microfilm, dates from about 1600. At the front there is a note:This register, c1600, was bound by order of the PCC, October 1947.Richard Fawcett, VicarN Salmon, J Butterworth, Churchwardens. The cost of the binding was borne by Mr and Mrs L Morley, Mosquito Cottage, Bishop Wilton.Lorna Sleighholme remembers Leslie and Nancy Morley very well, as they were neighbours when she and Bob first got married; she was able to produce a photo of themalbeit in fancy dress! She also had an old blotter from their printing firm in Low Petergate, where Eileen Hopper recalls working for them for some time as a young woman. Morleys did the printing for Katharine Worsleys wedding to the Duke of Kent at York Minster on June 8th 1961.Leslie & Nancy Morley in fancy dress120 BULLETIN 8'