b'heat the milk in a big saucepan. The big lads used to help with stoking the stoveshe particularly remembers Colin Robinson and David Sissons helping. The piano was in the large room, and the Infants would go through there for music and singing. Lesson preparation took hours, but there was no homework to be marked, as it was not considered necessary for under-11swork was to be done in school, not out of it. At Christmas time Lord Halifax would present school with an enormous Christmas tree which would stand in the Infants room. All the Infants would make decorations for it out of crepe paper, and Colin Robinson and David Sissons would climb the step ladderMrs Fisher looks at a school photo from 1955 with Kate Prattand put the star on the top. The playground was divided by ababysit and help with any problems. Mr Fawcett was wall, with the Infants and the girls in the half nearestthe Vicar; he used to come to school once a week to the School House and the boys at the other endMrstake the Assembly, which was held every day in the Fisher remembers the sight of the lads peering overbig room.the wall at their favoured girls.Bishop Wilton was a busy, active villageMrs While Mrs Fisher lived at No 6, she remembers thatFisher belonged to the WI (was the secretary for a there were 2 earth closets which shared a trenchontime), and helped to run the Youth Club which met one occasion Charlie Wilson poured paraffin down hisat the School. The Youth Club went on outings, closet and lit it to sterilise it, while Arthur West was satto Bridlington, to Scarborough, and once even to peacefully in his closet! Blackpool, which was quite daring for those times! For the Coronation in 1953 Eric Lees fromThere were whist drives and dances, WI concerts and Pocklington put up a big TV in the church, in front ofSchool concertsalways something going on. The the altar, and everybody went to watch it, the churchIredales were very keen on the school concerts, they was full. used to be on for 3 evenings. The stage was in the big One character who cannot be forgotten is Allanroom, with the Infants room used as a dressing room Ripley, who had the steam engineshe used to Mrs Fishers job was the costumes and trying to recite yards of doggerel poetry. Mrs BurgessAuntiekeep the children quiet when they were not on!Rowena to all the childrenwas a marvellous cook,It was a good time, a happy time. The village with her pastry, her ground rice pies, especially allfamilies might not have been well-off, but the children her homemade wine. Mr Charlie Wilson worked forwere well cared for. It was a settled community, with the Jebsons at West End Farm, and Mrs Charlie waseverybody knowing each other, and helping each the school cleaner. Mrs Kirby, Alberts mother, was aother out. Yes, a time full of happy memories.very good neighbour at Vale Crescent, she used to What Is It?T his object was found by Tim & Elaine Burrows in an outhouse at Highfield House. It is a round wooden pole, about 3 inches in diameter and 5 feet long (but with one end missing); it has free-moving metal hooks every 4 inches along its length; the end that remains has a metal band round it and a protruding rod. Any ideas as to what it is?60 BULLETIN 5'