b'South Doorway, St Ediths ChurchI f you compare this engraved print with the existing South Doorway of St Ediths Church you will see some differences and it would be natural to assume that it predates the restoration of the Church which was completed in 1859. Unfortunately there is a date on the print at the bottom right:So we have to conclude that it represents the newly restored doorway and that the differences have been introduced by the artist.The initials ADS, bottom centre, stand for the Anastatic Drawing Society and the L identifies the drawing. The Society published annual collections of historical and architectural drawings.Perhaps the artist is represented by the ornate initials at bottom right (EB ?):Parish MagazineSeptember, 1931Supplied by Christine DinsdaleIn 1931 the Reverend Richard Fawcett, M.A.,Marriagescontributed the following Bishop Wilton section toJuly 8th. Howard Bellamy & Freda Christine Brownthe Pocklington Rural Deanery Magazine which costAugust 1st. Geoffrey Bernard Helm & Gladys twopence and was printed by W. and C. Forth: ParkinIn spite of the rain the Garden Party on July 25thThe need to raise money and the battle with the was a great financial success, and we are mostweather, even in July & Augustnothing changes grateful to Lady Irwin, for so graciously opening theeven if the amounts we have to raise have increased curtailed event in doors, and to all who helped inquite a bit!the way of donations in money, kind and work. TheFreda Brown (the mother of Christine Dinsdale) Vicarage for the next few days was certainly in awho got married on July 8th, 1931, was the daughter state of grave disorder, but it was worth it when theof George & Emily Brown who lived at No. 13 Main proceeds eventually reached some 71 nett. Street. George Brown was a tailor & draper and Emily Our second Garden Party a fortnight later washis wife was a mid-wife.just as unfortunate as regards the weather, and weThe magazine contains many interesting had to adjourn to the school. Our object was toadvertisements but there is one from F. R. Stubbs of raise 15 for Church expenses and the proceedsYork that particularly catches the eye:amounted to nearly 8. If it had only been fine I am certain we should have achieved our object, but under the circumstances we did remarkably well. Manythanks to all the willing helpers who twice braved the elements. Better luck next year.126 BULLETIN 8'