b'Charles CullumMatthew & Alan Ripley are pictured here outside Wembley GarageThere were two public Houses; the landlord ofestablished the garage in the village was listed as 9 the Fleece Inn was in fact a lady, Sophia Elsworthyears old and attending school. [Matthew & Alan are aged 59, listed as a widow and born in Bath,pictured here outside Wembley Garage]Somerset. The Cross Keys Inn was also listed as aW.L. Fisher did not seem to be in the village at Blacksmiths shop and was run by George Bailey, agethis time; the blacksmiths were Thomas Fletcher 28, whose occupation is listed as an Innkeeper andand George Bailey who ran the Cross Keys. The Blacksmith. There was also another blacksmiths shopblacksmiths business must have been on the same in the village run by Thomas Fletcher age 40 fromsite from which W.L. Fisher ran their blacksmith Hovingham. business in later times. The Cross Keys was located The Policeman was John Frederick Harrison whoclose to the site of the Blacksmiths shop.lived in the present number 96 near the church gates;Many women were in domestic service but some next door was one of three butchers in the village,were more independent; such as the publican and James Robson, who had his butchers shop in thethe dressmaker; however the only hairdresser in the present day Mosquito Cottage. Another butcher listedvillage was a man!is Nancy Hutchinson and Henry Newbys grandfather,Other occupations included Charles Cullum James Newby, aged 53, listed as a butcher and(pictured here) who was listed as a journeyman farmer born in Great Givendale. Also shown on thebootmaker aged 23 and lived his life in Bishop Wilton census is Nancy and Henrys father John Henryas a Cordwainer in the old cottages which were on Newby who in 1901 was age 12 and attendingthe site of Lorna Sleightholmes present house. Rat school. Catchers and Rabbit catchers were in full time employ, By 1901 Matthew Ripley, age 38, had arrived inas was a varmint killer which I presume was another Bishop Wilton with his Threshing Machine businessrat catcher. There must have been a lot of rats around which he established in 1891. His son Alan whoin 1901!Perhaps the most interesting occupation eventually carried on the business in later years andlisted is Operatic Vocalist and Poultry keeper!Bishop Wilton Show 1965Price of AdmissionDavid Walker42 BULLETIN 4'