b'squabs were a main source of meat during the A comparable document, Account of Johnwinter.Mortimer, Reeve of Bishop Wilton, for 1427,. 28 dozen, 7 squabs [343] reared this year in was published in Bulletin 9. With this documenttotal; attributed to the steward of the prebend of11 dozen 1 [135] sold; Wilton some explanation of terminology is17 dozen 6 [210] free to hospitiumrequired:Hospitium can mean hospice, household or The steward was the chief agent of the lordguesthousewe have concluded that in this context for the management of the manor. He usuallyit is most likely to refer to the Archbishops household presided over the courts and kept the records.in York.A reeve was a man of villein status elected by his fellow tenants to organise the daily business of the manor. He was often their spokesman in negotiations with the lord or his representative. In return he received a payment from the tenants, sometimes a remission of rent & feudal dues as well as special grazing rights.MortuaryPasture in the park and garden/orchard of the menThis was a sort of death tax (the latin word is of Wilton. Summa 15. 14s 15d pictured here); when a tenant died his second best Agistment is the income resulting from the grazingchattel or beast was taken by the Incumbent as of pasture belonging to the prebend. recompense for the tithes and other dues supposedly unpaid during the deceaseds lifetime. In 1529 Sale of sheep, lambs and wool Parliament limited Mortuaries to moderate payments 6 from 65 sheep sold to Thomas Taylor of York.according to the value of the estate involved. Estates Value 34s 10d free to hospitium, 70s from 105under the value of 10 marks were exempted in Henry lambs born. Total 80 sheep 6 8s 10d. Lambs VIIIs reign. I was pleased to read the first name220 - 5 11s 9d families had been leaving Wharram Percy for about a Wool was graded:century. Coarse wool20 stone 6 8s 10d;Wool35One cow, value 9s from William Wharromstone 5s 4d; Locks - 3 stone 30d; Pellorum =Another cow, value 8s 8d from William Helb of skins6 made 4d. Cadm. And 16s received from M Halyday and Robe CotesFrom Thomas Pickering 2 pigs, 3 piglets, value 9s for tithe of lambs and wool this year pastured on8d to hospitium. 9 capons (6s 4d) 6 hens (15d).High Greenwick.Pigs One aim of translating old documents like this Sues = sows is to be able to compare one with another such Porci = pigs2 pigs, 1 remaining. 2 pigs free tothat some idea can be established of changing hospitium conditions over time. Although we have the Porculi = piglets14 remaining of which 3 free totranslated Account of 1427 (see previous inset) hospitium, morain reduced number to 8 to put alongside this one, it is not clear that we Porcelli = gilts8are comparing like with like. This Account Roll is much bigger in scope than the one of 1427 for reasons which are not clear. Although the fact that one is attributed to the Reeve and one to the Steward might be significant.Columbellum = DovecoteThis is particularly interesting (the latin word is pictured here) as it shows that one building was still in use on the palace site decades after the other buildings were tumbling down. Young doves or 364 BULLETIN 18'