b'The Dales FamilyBased on material supplied by Mary Anne GourleyO ne of the advantages of having a Local HistoryJames Adlam had died in 1892. Group is that it acts as a magnet for historicalThe Dales family is now very widespread with information that might otherwise pass us by. It isdescendants living as far afield as Alberta in Canada ( surprising how many people visit the village becausetwo of Levis sons from his second marriage went there their ancestors had some connection with it in the past.before WW1), Washington DC, New Mexico, South When there is someone for them to talk to while theyAfrica and of course England.are here, their family history can be recorded and madeColin and I live in Melbourne in Victoria. We came a part of the villages history.here from South Africa in 1985. I am Australian by birth Visitors to a website who get in touch by email arewhilst Colin was born in Durban. His parents went out a variation on this theme and with a growing interest into RSA in 1946 after the war. His father Alfred Dudley genealogical research such contact is likely to becomeGourley was Chairman of Unilever South Africa. His more commonplace. Mary Anne Gourley who lives inmother was Dorothy Walmsley Dales only daughter Australia is one such visitor. Her husband, Colin, is theof Thomas Francis and Mary Jane Dales. We visited great grandson of a former resident of Bishop Wilton asBishop Wilton in 2002 not knowing at that time that she explained via email: Thomas Teville had a connection with the Fleece Inn. Many thanks for your lovely website which is aIncidentally, we were unable to get lunch at the Inn delight to view. I am especially interested just havingbecause they were booked out. Hopefully when we visit found the relevant page from the 1871 census andnext time this will be different.seen that Thomas Teville Dales (who was my husbands great grandfather and known as Teville) was the InnTHE HOWDENSHIRE CHRONICLE Keeper of the Fleece Inn. This seems to be a family trait as his father, James Dales, was the owner of the Gate& POCKLINGTON WEEKLY NEWSInn in Millington up until his death in 1862. ThomasSaturday, June 5, 1897Teville died at Stamford Bridge. FLOWER SHOW FOR BISHOP WILTON.My husbands grandparents were Thomas FrancisIn common with several of the surrounding and Mary Jane Dales (ne Walmsley). Thomas Francisvillages, it has been decided to hold a Floral and was the son of Teville and Mary Dales (ne Barker).Horticultural Show during the coming summer.In 1882 he sailed out to Natal to make his way in lifeAmong the gentlemen who have promised to because his aunt, Eliza, and uncle by marriage, Henrybecome patrons are T. N. F. Bardwell, Esq., J.P., Holderness, formerly of Bishop Wilton were living there.Bolton Hall, T. H. Glynn, Esq., Spitzrop, South Thomas Francis found employment with a butcher inAfrica, and L. Dales, Esq., Bishop Wilton, the Durban then moved to Pietermaritzburg. He did veryRev. J. A. Eldridge, the vicar of the parish being well as he was loyal and hardworking and honest. Onethe president. The following gentlemen have of the most important things was that he kept a diarykindly consented to serve on the committee, of all his time there with descriptions of his work andMessrs Q. Adamson, R. Bailey, W. H. Cook, W. where it took him. One of the most interesting partsB. Cooper, S. Fryer, J. Newby, J. Tipling, and of this diary is that during a trip home to England afterQ. Wilkinson, with Mr L. Dales as treasurer, and 1891 he describes going though the new Suez Canal.Mr H. Bramley as secretary.At a meeting held He also describes the outbreak of Cholera which wentin the schoolroom on Monday evening last, through the ship and slowly killed off all the Lascaran attractive schedule was decided upon, the committee offering upwards of 9 in prizes.seamen. This was one of many trips that ThomasThe show will be open to residents in Bishop Francis made to and from South Africa. He eventuallyWilton-with-Belthorpe, Bolton, Youlthorpe, and returned to England before 1910 when he marriedGowthorpe, and it is hoped that those interested Mary Jane Walmsley. I should mention here that thisin gardening matters will respond heartily to courtship had taken place over many years and Marythe efforts of the above named gentlemen by Jane must have been a very patient young lady. entering freely in the various classes, 40 in Levi Dales [who lived in Bishop Wilton and was onenumber, which are open for competition. The of the founders of the Show - see inset] was Tevillesschedule embraces vegetables, fruit, window brother. Levi Dales visited Thomas Francis in Southplants, cut flowers, dairy produce, bread, farm Africa. I am not sure whether that is where he marriedproduce, and childrens classes for needlework, Frances Adlam (ne Martin). Frances was the widow of&c.Last, but by no means least, are three James Adlam and had four children from that marriage:valuable prizes offered to cottages for best kept and best cropped gardens.Sidney (born in Natal), Frances, Percy and Douglas. BULLETIN 12 193'