b'The Layout of the Archbishops Palace Site - Part 2Andrew BoyceT his article continues and extends the work writtenBy kind permission of the landowners (The on p220/221 under the same heading. TheGarrowby Estate) and the lessees and tenants of panorama above was taken at the time of the sitethe land (Messrs Sissons and Kirby), a site walk was walk mentioned in Andrew Boyces article. undertaken in May 2006 during which it was possible The conjectural plan that follows is based on theto appreciate the extent and scale of the monument current Ordnance Survey 1:1250 digital plan whichand to further interpret the lumps and bumps seen shows the remains of the moat, fishponds, banks andon the photographs.the circular feature in the north-west corner of the site.The plan has benefited from a number of In addition, by interpolation of features seendiscussions with other members of the BWLHG but on aerial photographs taken by A J Crawshawthe final result is the authors own work. Any errors, (Aeroscene Ltd, York), a conjectural layout ofomissions, shortcomings or wild exaggerations are buildings, walls and other features has beenentirely his responsibility.superimposed. From published sources (see below)The plan is a first attempt to bring this intriguing an interpretation of possible uses for the buildings hassite to life; any comments, criticisms, ideas or greater been proposed. wisdom, would be gratefully received.BULLETIN 14 239'