b'Initials First Names Surnames Full NamesWT Iohn (where the I isHothom Iohn Tatecrossed in the middle)TT Samue Richardso hn OgramGeorge Flin I HallWilliam Ogram G PettyRichard Petty Iohn FlintHall N BlanchrdRichardsonWilsoRobinsonTabel 1 Tabel 2Askwithnames had been burnt on. But why? The most likelyObservations possibility is that the names were forge-made and that(a small section of the door with some of the names is the door was used to test the resulting branding ironshown in the accompanying photograph) :upon completion. This would explain why all of the1.The formation of George and G Petty looks impressions are not the right way up. older than the other names, using a more Continuing with this line of thinking we need toslender and, perhaps, older lettering style.speculate on what the branding irons were used for.2.The representation of John is interesting as They couldnt have been for branding animals given the length of some of the names but they could havethe J is replaced by an I with a cross in the been used to identify personal possessions like farmmiddle, as is a J when it appears as an initial. equipment and tools of the trade (a recent example is 3.Although Hothams appear in village records pictured at the end of this article).there are no Hothoms - could it be misspelled?But what about the dating of the door and its 4.N Blanchrd does actually appear with the features, how can we establish that? We need tosecond a missing.consider the imprints as displayed and see if we canOn the basis of just four of the names appearing fit them into some kind of historical context. They areon the door the likely dating of the use of the door a mixture of initials, first names, surnames and fullwould appear to be the early 1800s: Table 2names with some of the names only partially visible: Table 1Name Trade, etc SourceJohn Tate Farmer 1829 Parish recordsBorthwickJohn Tate Cattle Dealer Trade directories for 1840 & 1844 George Petty Churchwarden for 1797 Parish recordsBorthwickNicholas Blanchard Yeoman 1824Burial - Parish recordsBorthwick1816Sledmere Estate Survey MapJohn Ogram Shoemaker 1816Burial - Parish recordsBorthwickThe names could not have been burnt on to the door with the horseshoe nails in place so the nails must have come later. One possibility is that they were used to affix notes or job sheetsIn support of the branding to the door. Perhaps it was part of theiron idea, Mike Frank provided accounting system whereby detailsthis example of a set of forge-of jobs were nailed to the door andmade initials that would have gathered together when accounts hadbeen used for the kind of to be presented. purpose mentioned above.BULLETIN 11 175'