b'cup won by Bishop Wilton. It was a big occasion. ItMethodist girl. Id been brought up a Methodist.was played at Wetwang against Lund. We had soI became a Methodist Preacher and I preached many overs each, over two nights. We batted first theat Bishop Wilton many times. I became a Methodist first night and wed lost about five wickets with veryLocal Preacher in 1958. I came onto full plan as they few runs and Lund had piled up a tremendous scoresay and I knew then that Id get a certificate after forty so when we went the next night it was reversed. Ouryears but it seemed a lifetime away. But it happened tail wagged and we got quite a lot and we bowledeventually in 1998. them out cheap. Before the presentation Lund wentThere was only the Wesleyan Chapel when I came home. They thought they had it in the bag. That wasto Bishop Wilton in 1940. in 1953. There were cups that followed after that. We won the Pocklington League and the Wilson ToddMens Institutefor quite a number of years. Everyone was very keenBaileys did all the extension to the Mens Institute and the whole village supported us. If we went to[now the Village Hall]. Don Turner who was the Bugthorpe and we lost we hardly dared come backsecretary then was very friendly with Baileys next door into the village for fear of being lynched. There wasto the Hall. We wanted to go straight back to make it great rivalry among the villages. Nearly every villagea long hall which would have been ideal. Also we had had a team. plans to put toilets at the entrance and to demolish I was involved with the cricket team for a fairthe buildings at the front which were the Show boxes number of years. I remember when they started upwhere all the jumps and the bars were kept. Stotts after the war the first match was on Hutchinsonsowned the property at No. 2. We got permission from field [now the Playing Field]. On the Friday night weMr Stott to knock them down because they butted up went - we were only young lads then - with malletsto his property. George Sleightholme was going to do and lawn mowers and cut a wicket out. Quite a lot ofthe demolition and cart it all away. We got everything the older generation played then, like Fred Wilson andall ready and suddenly we had to stop. The buildings Wilf Toes. Then gradually they dropped out and wehad a preservation order on them! A certain person in were all of a similar age, except Brian Foster, GordonsBishop Wilton had written to the authorities about it. brother, he was a younger chap. There was CliveThat was in 1950 when it was still the Mens Institute. Campbell, Laurence West, Robert Readman. It was a blow. We couldnt extend straight back or Although we started off on Hutchinsons field, afterput the new toilets at the front. We had to have an a season we had to move to one of Seftons fields. ItL-shaped extension which was completed in 1952 was half way along Garrowby Lane, just after Newbysand the toilets that are there now were there when we Hill, and down two fields on the left. We played therecame to the village in 1940.for 3 or 4 years. We struggled as a Mens Institute, we were getting We lost match after match because we were onlyless and less members on the committee and it came young lads. I remember we played at Fridaythorpe time we did something, otherwise it would have folded and there was a fast bowler there, they called himaltogether. So it became the Village Hall some time Ginner Rawlings. We used to be scared stiff of him.after 1955.He skittled us out one night for about nine runs andRon Jordan had a lot to do with the Mens Institute he said, Never mind, lads, you stick together andprior to the war. He once showed me a cutting that youll be a good team one day. I remember going tohe had from a paper from around 1938 that said they Fridaythorpe later and we played them in a cup matchdoubted the wisdom of the Trustees of Bishop Wilton and we beat them and we never looked back afterin buying the chapel from Sutton-on-Derwent. They that. It was a turning point. Ginner Rawlings was right!thought that it would never go up again.Albert Foster, Gordons dad, [who is on theThe false ceiling in the Hall was put in relatively photograph] was the umpire. recently when the heating system was installed. We I look in the Pocklington Post and see that thewere going to have blow heating at first but it was current Bishop Wilton cricket team are winning one ordecided that it would be too loud if anyone was two matches. I am pleased that sport has come backtalking. Thats when Colin Robinson stepped in and to Bishop Wilton.did the central heating thats in there now. There was a Management Committee that Church and Chapel comprised of so many elected members and one I used to read Lessons at the Church morningrepresentative from each village organisation [and and night if it wasnt communion. Mr Fawcett saidthat is still the situation]. The village organisation he wanted to bring me out a bit more. In fact, I gotrepresentation had to be greater than the elected confirmed into the Anglican Church at Full Sutton.members so that they couldnt be outnumbered.I was almost on the verge of becoming a ReaderI was Secretary for the Village Hall Committee in the Anglican Church when I happened to meet awhen Edward Walker was Chairman.BULLETIN 12 205'