b'chapels. 26 It was a huge undertaking, involving more than 20 times their total annual income. After calculating the Ways & Means, amounts promised in special subscription, public collections etc, it was estimated that 67 could be paid immediately, there being an expected annual surplus of 2 to pay off the debt 27 .Sadly no records survive of how this was tackled,Photograph supplied by Jean Wilson (nee Houfe), granddaughter of Arthur but the work was done,Houfe.and after the extensiveThe Primitive Methodist Chapel was also repairs the Chapel reopened in 1901 with the roof thein need of new Trustees and in 1909 they way it is to this day.appointed the following people:New Trustees were appointed at this time: William Petch, Farmer William HoldernessHullWilliam Wales, CarrierR Adamson - BWHarry Lamplough Petch, Farmers Assistant Wm Garforth - BW George Page, LabourerG Wilkinson - BWWilliam Moss, Labourer W Wilstrop - BWHarry Banks. CarrierJas G GarforthBW John Barnes, Labourer W S RobinsonWheldrakeJohn Redman Sykes, LabourerB ThompsonFlaxtonJohn Johnson, Labourer J W GilyeadPocklington John Edward Pearson, Farmer, MeltonbyW H JebsonPocklingtonJohn Richardson, Stone Mason, Pocklington Watson WrightPocklingtonThomas Scaife, Auctioneer, PocklingtonWm SampsonBolton Harry Bairstow, Shop Manager, Pocklington30Jas BrighamEast FieldThey were also in need of extra funds, as in 1916 Jas BarkerBelthorpethey were forced to borrow 35 from James Carlton Robt WilsonYoulthorpe28 of Sutton-on-Derwent. It appears that this was never The re-vamping of the Chapel was obviously arepaid, as in 1919 the promissory note was cancelled success as in 1905 more money was expended on aand returned by him, and it is most unlikely that such new organ, at a cost of 12.29 a sum could have been repaid over 3 years.31Horse-drawn Gospel cars were used by travellingDuring the 1930s it is known that children attended Evangeliststhis beautiful picture belonged toSunday School at both Church and Chapelone in the Houfe familyArthur Houfe was the tenant atthe morning and one in the afternoon. This practice Beechwood Farm (now known as Flat Top) and wascertainly continued during the 1950s, with vivid the treasurer of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel frommemories of having to perform a party piece dressed 1911 to 1918.in new clothes at Easter time on the rostrum in the Wesleyan chapel. 32Both chapels continued to co-exist, with their own membership, which seems to have been drawn 26As above. Ref: MRP/1/7227As above. Ref: MRP/1/7928List of Trustees, Beverley Archives, Ref: MRP/1/2829Summaries, Beverley Archives, Ref: MRP/1/41-4630List of Contents of Iron Safe, Beverley Archives, Ref: MRP/4/7831List of Trustees, Beverley Archives, Ref: MRP/1/2832Sue Gray of Bishop Wilton188 BULLETIN 11'