b'An Evacuee ReturnsI n 2005, a visitor to St Ediths Church, Brenda Hill,was a regular visitor when my brother was alive (he signed the visitors book, saying that she had beenpassed away in 1983); they would take their two evacuated to Bishop Wilton during WWII. As she hadchildren to see the Boyes family. I often talked of also given her address we wrote to her and receivedcoming with them but unfortunately never managed to this reply: do so before he died. I cannot remember my stay in Bishop Wilton veryOne thing I do remember was having Yorkshire much as I was only four years old at the time. MyPudding with gravy FIRST before our main meal, I brother, John Flounders, who was eight and I, Brendathought that was all I was getting to eat! Also, when I Joan Flounders, arrived from Hull sometime duringwent to school I could not spell my surname and the 1942 and we stayed with a Mr and Mrs Boyes. Mrsteacher would have to send for my brother to spell it Boyes father lived with them, I think his name was Mrcorrectly. I only stayed about 6-8 weeks due to my Pinkney [see photograph below] and I seem to thinkmother having my sister, but I think John stayed a he only had one arm; they lived in a house at the endlittle longer. John was very fond of Mr and Mrs Boyes of a row of four set back from the main street, nearlyhence his many visits afterwards. Perhaps someone opposite the bridge to the church, a family with awill remember him. My sister-in-law seems to think gypsy caravan live there now. I have only been backthat John was friendly with a boy who was a very to the village twice, once two years ago to photographgood runner or cyclist. the village school as I was doing a book about myselfI am sorry that I cannot give you any more for my granddaughter and the second time was thisinformation but I hope this helps in some small way. year [2005] when I came with my sister-in-law, who Eton College BeaglesPhotograph supplied by Mrs Judith Sampson of BoltonPeter Wood, was born in 1916, was the secondPeter was Master of the Beagles at both Eton and son of Lord Halifax. Educated at Eton and then ChristChrist Church. A photograph in I Like My Choice by Church, Oxford, he became a partner in an architectLord Holderness helps date the photograph above. business before the outbreak of WWII. He was killed inIt shows Peters elder brother, Charles, with the Eton action at El Alamein on 26th October 1942. Beagles in 1930.214 BULLETIN 13'