b'later paper mills). It is possible that their daughter Emigration to Canada after 1815 Elizabeth married James Summers of Fangfoss and The Tennisons went out to Canada fairlyemigrated about the same time to another part of early in a period of renewed emigration: UpQuebec.to 1815, long years of war had kept most of The Tennysons were farmers. William died in the people of Britain at home. The dangers of1835 but no record of when Elizabeth died has been wartime emigration and the constant need fortraced. George married Mary Maria Willman, whose man-power during the French Revolutionaryfamily were Germans who probably emigrated to and Napoleonic Wars had reduced thePennsylvania in the 1770s. Huge numbers of Germans movement of British people overseas to adid this in the 18th century, and quite a lot of people low level. Earlier, the American Revolutionaryin the north-eastern states like Pennsylvania drifted War, which had also involved fighting betweenwestward into Ontario and Quebec in the 1780s and France and Britain, had had the same effect.1790s, which was an easy and natural thing to do. But after 1815 an era of peace followed inGeorge and Maria had 4 sons, Jacob Harrison (for his Europe, and a great tide of British emigrationrelatives who brought him over from England), James set in, to fall away only after 1850. 1 Wilton (commemorating his home village), Valentine We dont know why the Tennisons chose toand Philip, who was Brians great grandfather.leave but we do know that it was a time when the exodus from rural rather than urban areasLeft: Brians was being promoted. Industrial unemployment,great agrarian depression, political inequality, religiousgrandfather, discontent and weakening social ties in somePhilip, and instances allowed, and in others encouraged,his great Britons to leave their homeland. 2 Perhapsgrandmother in William Tennison as an Innkeeper was moreCanada.aware than most of the emigration agents who worked to attract people abroad and he mightBelow: Kate have been particularly affected by the prevailingwith Brian and conditions and the reduced spending power ofhis wife, Sandy, his neighbours.at the gate of the plot along 1J.M.S. Careless, Canada: A Story of Belthorpe Lane Challenge, Macmillan Co., 1963 that used to 2W. S. Shepperson, British Emigration belong to the to North America, Basil Blackwell, Tennisons1957the Harrison family, relatives on his mothers side. They had a rather eventful voyage, as the Trafalgar was shipwrecked on Brier Island, at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy, on 26th Julyafter about 7 weeks of sailing! All 159 passengers and the crew were saved, according to a newspaper report of the time, and presumably were taken by another vessel to Saint John, and then to Quebec.It is not known whether Georges parents, William and Elizabeth, and his younger brother James, went out before or after him, but it is known that they were all in Quebec by the mid 1820s. They settled in a little village then called St Andrews (now St Andre), which is on the Ottawa River south of Ottawa. It is in Quebec, just slightly south of the larger community of Hawkesbury, which is on the Ontario side of the boundary. This area was being settled in the early years of the 19th century because of the tremendous forests there, which generated a lumber industry (and BULLETIN 14 249'