b'The Belthorpe Estates at Bishop Wilton 336 The Boer War .388Belthorpe Grange 1629 337 Owen Robinson & his Morgan 389Belthorpe Tithe Apportionment 1849 337 Owen Robinson - A Neighbour .390Belthorpe Field Names in 1849 .339 Poll Lists and Elections, 1741-1868 391The Fawcetts of Belthorpe 339 Enclosure Roads 392A Commuter Route 340 From the Archives: William Readman 392Pew Dispute .341 The Cross Keys 393Belthorpe Derivation.342 Memories of William Cook 394 Local History Bulletin 18 - 28 February 2009 343 Family Histories 395Correction 344 History in the Making 396Main Street, Bishop Wilton, c1890s 344 Local History Bulletin 20 - May 2011 .397Minster Marriages .345 The Last One! .398Surrender of Bishop Wilton .346 Mrs Fryers Rolling Ruler .398Feedback from Captain William Cook .346 The 3 Cottages .399Archbishops Visitation Returns 348 Fisher Family Memorabilia .400The Sykes Churches - Part 1 350 One Battered Photograph.403Marriages in Bishop Wilton .350 Main Street, 1772 .404May Day Celebrations 1942 351 Gardener of Wylton - 1329 .406The Raimes at Mosquito Cottage .352 Metal Detecting Find - 1 .406Rev. John Adams Eldridge 353 Metal Detecting Find - 2 .406Scottish Raids & Lawlessness in theIndividuals Named in the Bishop Wilton Fourteenth Century .354 Enclosure Award and Plan for 1772 407Old School Finds 357 The Cliff Farm Documents 409WWII - Victory in Europe Celebrations.357 Bishop Wilton Manor House .410The Fair Comes to the Village? .358 Owen Robinson, Bee Keeper .411The First Bishop Wilton Show -Metal Detecting Find - 3 .411August 2nd, 1897 .360 An Ammonite411 Account Roll - 1468 to 1469 363 Beck Find .412 Clothing Club365 Old Show Field Excavation - 1993 412Sheepdogs at West End Farm 365 A Striking Find 413The Beedhams of Gowthorpe .366 Future Research .414The Jebsons and Beedhams 367 The Ancient Order of Foresters .415Local History Bulletin 19 -The Foresters and Bishop Wilton 41618 November 2009 .368 From Mens Institute to Village Hall (Part 2) 418The Last But One! 368 Major Swain and his Family.420The Triptych 368 The Grim, Rural Tragedy .421School Fame 369 Why is Bishop Wilton Special? 422Correction 369 Acknowledgements and Credits .423Feedback .369 Publishing and Copyright Data424The Darkest Sweet Pea 369The Sykes Churches - Part 2 370St Ediths Mosaic Floor .371The Rush Plantation .371Conversations with Ken Sissons in 2001 372Iron Age Pot-Boilers .374Kathleen Sleightholme - Land Army Girl 375The Paper Trail377 Extracts from The Hull Packet .378Scrapbook started in 1882 .379The Pavilion 379Map - 1843 380Sports Prizes at the Show 380Mr Walter Sefton .382Guess Who? 384John Baxter and his Granddaughter .385Albert Sissons at Hall Farm .387On The Old Show Field .3889'