b'This OS map of 1892 shows the sun dial - marked S.D. (arrowed).the Church (from the Manor House); and at the eastAgain there is a longish gap of 24 years, and end is a public footpath which was formerly separatedwe can see that by 1849 the Vicarage has been from the Churchyard and was five yards taking in theconsiderably extended. The Rev Joseph Shooter Gathers and calld the Outgang. became the Vicar in 1833, and we know that he had He then describes the little garden where thea large family to accommodate (see Bulletin 5), and vicarage house formerly stood adjoining the Churchperhaps his expectations were higher, as indeed were lane in the West, a plot about 11 yards by 8 yardseveryones. In the Terrier he refers to the Vicarage as deep. Behind this plot is a little orchard which has ina Glebe House, and seems proud to itemise all the it one Apple-tree and 3 bad plumb-trees, value onerooms: at the front on the ground floor were a small shilling. Parlour, a Dining Room and a Study, and at the back a At some point in the 6 years before the next TerrierDairy, a Pantry and 2 Kitchens. There are 6 bedrooms in July 1770, a fine new brick dwelling with a thatchedviz one over the Parlour, one over the Dairy and roof was built, pretty much the one we can seePantry, one above the Kitchen, one above the Dining today, although it has been considerably rebuilt (seeRoom, one above the Study, and a small one over photograph).the Passage. The outbuildings consisted of a barn, It consisted of a kitchen, a parlour and a dairy, withstables and a carriage house. The garden at the front 3 bedchambers over.7 years later a Brick stableis fenced with wood paling by which it is separated adjoining the east end of the House had been added.from the street, and at the back there is a hedge of We do not know if John Dealtary ever lived here, butthorn and privet. The measurements of the land are he continued as Vicar till 1786, when William Metcalfegiven as 32 yards from east to west, and 25 yards took over until 1833. from north to south.There is a gap of 23 years in our collection ofThe last Terrier we have in the collection is dated Terriers, so we only know that it was some time1865 and no further changes to the Vicarage are between 1786 and 1809 that the Vicarage house wasmentioned. The Rev Eldridge was Vicar from 1857 tiled, although the adjoining stable was still thatchedto 1905, and it was the following incumbent who at this time. By 1817 the stable roof had been tiled, asdecided that the building was not fit to live in, and this well as further improvements being madean extracaused the building of the new Vicarage or Rectory on kitchen had been added, the Parlour had been givenBraygate.a wooden floor and the dairy and kitchens brick floors, and the 3 bedrooms had been given ceilings.BULLETIN 15 287'