b'Memorial in Winestead ChurchMiriam, unmarried2004 Andrew Sefton. Not for reproduction withoutprior permission of the author. RichardPeter William Hildyard M.P.AndRecorder of York 15811602Sir William Hildyard of Bishop Wilton;knighted1603; died 1632 = Isabella theonly child and co-heir of Ralph Hansbyesq. ofTickhill and Bishop BurtonAnna =WilliamNorton ofSawleyJohn, of Durham;Surtees Soc. , IV,151); 1541 The Hildyard family of Winestead and Bishop WiltonSir Christopher Hildyard born 1490 of Winestead and little Cotes knighted 1532;alive 1538 Slain at terrouen or Terrouanne, Artois, 1538 =1st Wife Margaret dau. Of Sir Humphry Conningsby Judge, dead befor 1535.2nd wife Joan, 1532, daug. Of Sir Ralph Constable, Halsham, alive in 1564.Leonard, ofofSylvester, ofSkefflingGembling;Chaplain,1537-1577alive 1566John Hildyard of Otteringham(will of 1577) = Anne Appleby, ofYorkRichard Hildyard ofOtteringham = EllenConstable of CatfossElizabeth = Richard Darleyof Buttercrambe Sources include : Winestead and its Lords; The history of a Holderness village by Norman James Miller, Christopher, Otteringham; Earl of Lorraine; Rectorof RowleyJohnWilliamUrsulaFrances Martin Hildyard of Winestead Esqr.,diedAnn, married1545 = Emma dau. of Sir Robert Rudston, LordWm. Thorp,Mayor; son of Robert of Hayton.before 1526Richard Hildyard of Routh andSir Christopher HildyardWeaverthorpe dead in 1602 =knighted 1578 buried 1602Jane, dau. And sole heiress of= Francis dau. of John ConstableMarmaduke Thwenge.of Burton Constable buried Feb,1595William HildyardElizabethSir Christopher Hildyarddrowned in the moatmarried Wm.knighted 1603 buried atSon of LordWinestead 1635Willoughby= Elizabeth, dau. And soleof Parham d.heiress of Henry Welby, of1601Goxhill, Married 1598Hildyard of Winesteadcontinues through this line 88 BULLETIN 6'