b'Harry and George had not followed their father into business as a shoemaker (cordwainer) but had entered the construction business. Harry and Sarah, together with young Eric moved into a cottage in Bishop Wilton. (Pictured here,now No. 70 Main Street)There are to my knowledge several monuments to Harry Gospel in the village. By this I mean building projects that he undertook and which are still standing. The large grey house just up towards the crossroads from the village hall [No. 1, Fishers] and Sarah Mary Gospel the washhouse at the rear of the old vicarage are both Harry Gospels work.born to William Gospel and Isabella (nee Jacobs).From within the walls of this small cottage they Harrys great grandfather was William Gospel ofcontrived, over the next 16 years, to produce another Bishop Wilton. Harrys father was a cordwainer and10 children. Arthur (1902), Frank (1903), Harold lived in the corner cottage as the lane from Garrowby(1905), Mary (1906), Eva May (1908), Bertha (1909), enters Bugthorpe. Wilfred (1912), Stanley (1914) Hilda (1915) (Known as In 1901 he married Sarah Mary Tindale. SarahKitty), and Amy (1917). All were born at Bishop Wilton. had been born in Yapham cum Meltonby in the ParishSome people in the village may remember, or of Pocklington but on the road to Bishop Wilton.merely know, that in World War I there was no Sarah had been in service at Bugthorpe Grange andconscription. People volunteered. Often by the village had succumbed to the usual problem facing girls inthe men would meet and go off to war. Harry and Eric service. She had fallen pregnant and was delivered ofvolunteered and went to war in 1914. Eric was only 17 a boy in 1897 who she called Eric. She added otheryears old at that time but lied about his age in order to christian names to the boys title. Florian and Slatergain access to the Army. Both names are shown on were added to the name after Eric. We thereforethe War Memorial in the grounds of the church.had Eric Florian Slater Tindale. A check of the 1892There is no doubt that Harry could have avoided Bulmers Directory shows the farmer at BugthorpeWar Service a) due to his age (he was nearly 40 years Grange was called Joseph Slater and he had a sonold) and b) because of the number of children who called Florian. Little doubt as to the purported father ofwere dependent on him.the child then. Naughty Florian!!! Those historians who know about World War I will In 1901 Harry married Sarah, at Bugthorpe.remember that there was a big push to defeat the Witnesses to the wedding were Harrys brotherenemy in the October of 1917. Harry was serving, George, and Sarahs sister Annie Eliza Tindale. Thesebecause of his construction expertise, with The 111 two were to marry each other in 1907. Harry, ofPioneer Battalion of the Leicestershire Regiment. He course, had to accept Eric into the family along withand a colleague were loading shells onto a transporter Sarah. Later evidence suggests this might have beenduring the battle of Passchendaele when one reluctantly. Although not adopted formally, Eric addedexploded killing them both instantly. What remained the name Gospel to his already lengthy name and heof him is buried in the Menin Road South Military became Eric Florian Slater Tindale Gospel. Cemetery, Belgium.BULLETIN 4 47'