b'side and shoulder still with the bones in. It had to be boned out. There was a lot of work and I had to learn how to do it all. I used to bone it out without cutting the ham in two. Mrs Fielders brother was a butcher, Scaify, they called him. He showed me how to bone ham without disturbing it all. We used to get treacle loose during the war. People used to fetch their own jar and wed weigh that first. I remember a story about a bloke at Pocklington Co-op where a Mr Chittenden was manager. He shouted at him one day and he didnt come straight away and Mr Chittenden said it didnt matter what he was doing he had to come when he shouted. A few days later, this bloke was running some treacle off the barrel and Mr Chittenden called for him and he came straight away. Ruddy lot went on floor. We sold glace cherries, they were horrible things. We used to have a little mother-of-pearl - nacre - scoop to put them out into greaseproof paper. Also ground ginger and mixed spices. We had block salt. People had that and saltpetre when they were killing pigs. There were a range of biscuit tins. We had a proper biscuit showcase for the tins with a glass front. Wed sell Petit Buerre, Digestive, Nice. They havent altered much. Some things were in short supply at the shop. I remember getting a delivery of tomatoes in punnets. Malcolm spins a cone It was difficult to know how to be fair with them so Id say, First come, first served, to Sid Fielder. Hed say, I was about the same size as Mr Fielder. Ive alwaysRight, fine, Im first!been fairly strong for me age. When we used to get itThere was a woman in the village whose husband down to the shop from the store, two of us, we had acame home with his pay late on a Saturday. Id be job to lift it off the floor to tip it into the bin. If there wasready to go out, just waiting to finish, all cleaned up one on top when theyd stacked them up I used towith my white Van Heusen shirt on and she would turn get it on me back in them days and carry it down theup and ask for a sack of coal. Id have to get it from village. It was a double bin and I used to leave one lidthe Chapel where it was stored and deliver it for her on and put it there and cut it so it went in to the other.while trying to stay clean.When Mr Fielder came hed say hed give me a lift andI used to go round for the orders - bottom end on Id already done it! Youve never lifted that yourself!a Tuesday, top end on a Thursday. Used to go first hed say. You mustnt do that no more at sixteen,thing on a morning, get all the orders by 11 oclock not with ten stone of flour! We used to weigh it out inthen start and put them up for us to start delivery by stones, half stones and quarters into paper bags.half past three. We used to take pig meal as well. I In those days we hadnt any bags as such. Wehad me own bike, it wasnt a carrier bike. I used to used to have to spin a cup as it was called [hestick box on handlebars, jump on and off Id go. I got demonstrates with a square of paperhe spins ait to a fine art. If I was right busy there was some hand cone, folds over the pointed end,and then tucks incarts me father had made. They were a bit of a joke the open endsee photo]. There were two lots ofin the village because there was a passage between paper, greaseproof and cap [like chip paper]. WedNo. 13, where we lived, and No. 14. The hand carts have a lot of squares of paper already cut. Wed putwouldnt go up the passage. We had to stand them small things in like yeast, pepper and dried fruit. Weon their end and drag them up the passage, me and had blue sugar paper as well. Then we got differentme brother. But they were worth their weight in gold. coloured bags.They had motor bike wheels. They were big carts. Everything was loose and had to be weighed up.We used to get a lot of coke for church, and we had Things would come in boxes, nailed down, like 14lbit all to lead in and tip down coke hole. If it was frosty boxes with currants and sultanas. Even vinegar wasweather we were there at the church every night loose. Prunes were a devil to weigh out, we used tobecause we had to keep the fire going. That was slice them. Bacon used to come in a full flitch, ham,our job as soon as we left school in winter. It used BULLETIN 6 75'