b'Detail from the scene above (in the square) showing activity at the cross roads:The Cross Keys sign and the attraction. The white expanse is the awning over the sideshow. In front of that is one of the travellers caravans.Activity outside the Cross Keys.An adult and a child approaching the cross roads.The First Bishop Wilton Show - August 2nd, 1897. and the South African Connection: Mike PrattT he origins of the Bishop Wilton Show can beJ. Tiplingpieced together in copies of the HowdenshireQ. WilkinsonChronicle and Pocklington Weekly News from 1897.Treasurer: Two extractsreproduced on the opposite pageL. Dalesprovide an account of the preparation for the firstHon. Secretary: show and a report on the success of the day itself. H. BaileyThe extracts are valuable in identifying the leadingA number of other points are of interest: the Show lights of the times as follows: started as a Floral and Horticultural Show in a tent in President:the school yard; a cricket match took place between Rev. J. A. Eldridge Bishop Wilton and Bolton; Thixendale Church Choir Patrons: Brass Band were involved and there was a dance in T. N. F. Bardwell, Bolton Hall the evening.H. T. Glynn, Spitzrop, South AfricaL. Dales, Bishop Wilton The South African ConnectionCommittee Members One name that stands out in the list above is Q. Adamson that of H. T. Glynn of South Africa. Who was he, R. Bailey why exactly was he here and why was he a patron W. H. Cook of the very first Show to the extent that he is singled W. B. Cooper out for recognition in the second of the two extracts S. Fryer [only mentioned in the first extract] opposite: Mr H. T. Glynn, of Spitz Rop [sic], South J. Newby Africa, has been a most generous patron of the show, 360 BULLETIN 18'