b'Family Connections with Bishop WiltonRichard E. WalgateW hen I was growing up in the West RidingBattle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 who is currently industrial town of Doncaster, I was vaguelydepicted on the pub sign there.aware that my father was a descendant of a largeWilliam Walgate, my great x 5 grandfather, came Holderness farming family. My grandfather, Elgeyto Bishop Wilton from Kirby Underdale and married Walgate, who died 13 years before I was born, wasHannah, the widow of William Barnard, in 1702. one of eleven brothers who formed a cricket team.Hannah had inherited copyhold land from her late However, when I became interested in family historyhusband and this passed into joint ownership with in 1970, my father told me that his father had neverher new husband. Hannah died without producing spoken to him about his family, and his motherany Walgate children, and William subsequently made told him that the Walgates knew nothing aboutanother good marriage when he married Emmott themselves. Wilberfoss. She was the youngest child of William In the 1970s the main family history tools wereWilberfoss, the last Wilberfoss of Wilberfoss, who had the GRO records at Somerset House in London anddied in 1709. It is probable that there was a marriage the Parish Registers in local record offices or with thesettlement because in William Walgates will of 1752 local Anglican incumbents (such as Bishop Wilton).he refers to his and Emmotts first born sonanother This was before the computers, microfilm, microfiche,Williamas already amply provided for upon my floppy discs, CDs and DVDs which are available nowmarriage to his mother. William and Emmott had a to family historians. I was having difficulty tracing mysuccessful marriage and produced another seven family before the early 19th century, when came thechildren including my ancestor Richard, born in 1731.sort of titbit of information that all family historiansRichard being the younger son did not stay on hope for when they are stuck. One of my fathersthe family farm, but moved to Bugthorpe where he cousins Daphne Wood, who had worked for Lordmarried Ann Leck, and their child Elizabeth was born Halifax at Garrowby and was later the secretary toin 1763. Ann died in 1765 and is buried in Bugthorpe the Archbishop of York, mentioned that there was achurchyard where a splendid gravestone survives. Walgate Charity at Bishop Wilton. Richard then married Ann Whitwell and they had two We were living in Surrey at the time, but visitedchildren, William and Sarah.Bishop Wilton as soon as we could and began toRichard still retained his affection for Bishop Wilton, research the Walgate family in the area. Eventually weand after he retired he bought a plot of land on the were able to establish that William, the son of Richardmain street opposite the church from Mark Masterman Walgate of Walgate House, had moved to SwineSykes, and there he built a house facing west. On the in Holderness in 1804 where he founded a farmingtie rod ends facing the street he put his initials RW dynasty. which can still be seen. When he died in 1804, he My Walgates came to Bishop Wilton about 1700left this house to his widow Ann for her lifetime, and and the last person with the name in the villagethen Ameth Quarton, his granddaughter. He also left was Ann, who died in 1844. Apart from numerousanother farmhouse in the village to his son William, references in the various archives of the village in thewhich was tenanted by William Tenason. This William 18th and 19th centuries, they left behind WalgateWalgate had married Ann, the daughter of Matthew House built by Richard Walgate my great x 4Pearson and Ann Johnson of Gowthorpe, and moved grandfather around 1800, his and two other Walgateto Swine in 1804.gravestones in the churchyard, and the charity startedThe family details are as follows:by Richards father William in 1757. There are also twoWilliam Walgate and Emmott Wilberfossfields on the north side of Braygate next to Fox CovertDaughter Margaret, born 1727, married William with their original boundaries which were allottedJohnson of Ellertonto Richard and his elder brother William under theSon William, born 1729, married Elizabeth MeddParliamentary Enclosure of 1772. However, the moreSon Richard, born 1731, married Ann Leck and interesting and important legacy is the web of familyAnn Whitwellrelationships, some of which involve present-dayDaughter Deborah, born 1733, married Richard residents of the village and much of it remaining to beWitty of Wetwangdiscovered. Anyone who is descended from WilliamDaughter Elizabeth, born 1737, married William Walgate and Emmott Wilberfoss, who married inLeak of Pocklington1724, can claim a relationship with William WilberforceDaughter Sarah, born 1741, married Thomas the Emancipator, and descent from the Anglo-SaxonJowson of Warterwarrior who speared the Viking on the bridge at the 134 BULLETIN 9'